Live life right now

The only way to live life is to start living. Here’s what I mean.
If you Google the exact phrase “live life”, there are over 8,650,000resultsavailable. This is a subject on a lot of people’s minds. How do I live life?
Here is the answer. Are you ready?
Start living!
That’s it, start living. Today! Right now!
So many of us have a few favorite sayings, like:
“As soon as I _________ I’m going to get started.”
“One of these days, I’m going to travel.”
“Some day I’m going to __________.”
“When I get the bills paid off I’ll be able to do what I want.”
“When the kids grow up we can _________.”
“When my ship comes in I’ll be able to __________.”
“When I win the lottery I’m going to give __________ to charity.”
“As soon as I get the promotion I can __________.”
Let me go ahead and tell you:
You ARE NOT going to win the lottery!
Your ship IS HERE and has been here a long time; you’ve been looking in the wrong direction.
One of these days NEVER comes.
We will ALWAYS have bills.
The kids are your kids FOREVER.
You may get the promotion BUT then you’ll want to wait until the next one.
Some day IS today!

This is all we have, TODAY. We don’t have tomorrow. It’s not guaranteed. All we have is today and you have to start living today.
I have this friend whose Dad started an electric company. He worked hard his whole life building the company into one of the largest and most well respected in the market. My friend and his brother both worked for the company and their Dad had trained them their whole lives to know everything about the business.
One day the two sons would take over the business so their Dad and Mom could travel. The parents had always wanted to travel and see all the different parts of America. The parents bought a big, beautiful motor home. They turned the business over to the sons. They paid all the bills they had. They were leaving in two weeks. The Dad had finally done all he needed to do so he could finally live life. He was 62 and going to live life.
One morning the Dad had a sore throat and didn’t know why. The sore throat got worse and he went to the doctor. He had throat cancer so advanced there was nothing the doctors could do. My friend’s Dad died six weeks later.
After the funeral, we went to the parent’s home to spend time with the family. There, in the front of the home, was the new motor home. It sat there never used, never enjoyed, never driven across America, never experiencing life.
My friend’s Mom looked out at the motor home as we left the house that day and said, “I wish we could have lived life like we had planned.”
The only way to live life is to start living.
Right now!


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